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I-Fern or FERN INTERNATIONAL, a company established by one of the top multi-level marketing companies in the Philippines, FERN, Inc., is paving the way for you to become GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURS. In partnership with DSM , it will facilitate distribution of 4 new effective and innovative products globally.

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I-Fern Vision

Company Profile

In 2003, a group of successful business practitioners came together with a vision to alleviate poverty by creating equal opportunities for every Filipino. Hence, the birth of FERN, Inc., a SEC-registered company which engages in direct selling and network marketing. Through its partnership with DSM, it offer various world class products that are high quality, innovative and effective and are affordable even to the mass market. To date, it has already help thousands of families experience a healthy and financially stable life.

FERN-C, a potent high quality Vitamin C supplement from DSM Switzerland, gained popularity and triggered an instant demand. From a small business in 2003, it was this sole product which catapulted FERN, Inc. into a billion-peso company that it is today. FERN-C is the leading Vitamin C in the Philippines and this feat was accomplished in less than 3 years from its launch through the efforts of its members, the FERN networkers.

In December 2008, FERN Slim, an innovative weight management product was launched. After only six months in the market, FERN Slim ranked to be one of the top selling weight loss products in the market.

These 2 winning products delivered exactly what they promised. FERN-C and FERN Slim gave FERN, Inc. the Superbrands status that it has today.

Riding on the wave of success, from its first 2 offerings in 2010, FERN, Inc. launch FERN Coffee Mix, the coffee with more perks. This is the first coffee mix in the market to have 8 vitamins and minerals.

Soon after the success of FERN Coffee Mix, the company introduced FERN I-flex, another star in the FERN family. It is a safe and all natural joint health supplement.

Today with all the winning products under FERN, Inc. coupled with a very strong financial and corporate governance, the company stands as one of the most financially stable multi-level marketing companies in the country.

With the continued success of FERN, Inc., it has become a reality today for FERN, Inc. to go global by establishing another company, that is, FERN INTERNATIONAL or i-fern. I-fern is a company that will pave the way for Filipinos to be Global Entrepreneurs.


i-fern is owned and managed by FERN, Inc., one of the top and most stable multi-level marketing companies in the Philippines. FERN, Inc., maker of Superbrand products like FERN-C, FERN Slim, FERN Coffee Mix, and FERN i-Flex, is a billion-peso company that it is today. It is the only MLM company in the Philippines that has 24/7 customer service, has its own warehouse and employs more than 200 staff.

FERN, INC. is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP) which seeks to uplift the image of direct selling as a profession, promote the highest standard of selling and servicing practices, protect the income opportunities of those engaged in the business and safeguard the welfare of the consumers.

DSM is FERN’s partner in providing world-class products to FERN, Inc. and i-fern. DSM is a company established in 1902 and delivers innovative solutions that nourish, protect and improve performance in global markets such as food and dietary supplements, personal care, feed, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automotive, paints, electrical and electronics, life protection, alternative energy and bio-based materials. DSM’s 22,000 employees deliver annual net sales of around €9 billion. The company is listed on NYSE Euronext.

i-fern offers an extensive training and support system to ensure Distributors have everything they need to operate a successful business

The company's incorporators bring into the business their diverse experience in the fields of production, manufacturing and marketing. Their expertise in the various disciplines makes for a stable and powerful company, in support of every Filipino's pursuit for financial prosperity and success. Proof of their very strong financial and corporate governance and hands-on management is FERN, Inc. which started from a small business in 2003 to a billion-peso company that it is today.

Mr. Tommanny Tan, the President and CEO of FERN, Inc. and i-fern, is the inspiring and charismatic leader of both companies. His remarkable success can be attributed to his keen business sense, coupled with twenty years experience in the trade.

As President and CEO, he leads a dedicated and dynamic team focused on achieving the FERN Vision: “Prosperity through Entrepreneurship.” He has been featured in one of the country’s leading business publications, Entrepreneur Magazine; and because of the phenomenal growth of FERN, Inc. under his management, he is most recently a recipient of 3rd SME Nation’s MVP Bossing Award for 2012, the same recognition given to prominent and respected people in the business world such as Manny Pangilinan (PLDT and Burger King Philippines), Joey Concepcion (Joey Pepperoni and Founding Trustee of Go Negosyo), Vicki Belo and Cristalle Henares (Belo Medical Group and Belo Essentials), Socorro Ramos (National Bookstore), Cecilio Pedro (Lamoiyan), Robert Trota (Max’s Fried Chicken), Johnlu Koa (The French Baker), Tennyson Chen (Bounty Fresh), Benjamin Liuson (The Generics Pharmacy), Darius and Carlo Hizon (Pampanga’s Best), Louie and Dulzzi Gutierrez (Silverworks), “Mother” Lily and Roselle Monteverde (Regal Films), Ronald Pineda (Folded & Hung), Samie and Eric Lim (Automatic Centre/BLIMS Furniture), RJ and Arianne David (, Jay Aldeguer (Island Souvenirs), Raphael and Jenni Soon (North Park), Sarabeth Salcedo (Baliwag), Jojo Claudio Jr. & Roberto Claudio (Toby’s Sports), Dr. Rosalinda Hortaleza (HBC Inc.), Corazon Dayro Ong (CDO Foodsphere), Martin Lorenzo (Pancake House Group), etc.

Compensation package is one of the most lucrative in the industry. It is an assembly of the best features of successful plans, well- studied and intentionally designed to achieve a balance of the entrepreneurial strenghts of the network marketer.

The i-fern business plan is very simple. It is designed to compensate you for using the product, sharing it, and training other distributors. It is the only business plan that gives rewards every step along the way, as you grow in the business.

i-fern assures its customers with the Quali Blends brand from DSM that speaks of known QUALITY, TRACEABILITY and supply REALIABILITY. It is not just a brand, it is an exercise in awareness that choosing cheaper materials of uncertain origin/source could lead to very harmful consequences for the manufacturer, all the way to the consumer.

Part of the assurance comes down to traceability. I-fern partnered with DSM boasts the ability to trace right back to the source of the material used in the production of its products.

Control systems, quality management, environmental sustainability, safety management, and training are also said to be integral to total quality management. [b]This guarantee on quality is what DSM provides its customers with the Quali Blends brand. The same quality is in every products of i-fern that guarantees you peace of mind.[/b]

For the benefit of its members, FERN, Inc. has always develop its product brands first and has extensive product promotion in the Philippine market to create consciousness to the consumers. This resulted to the success of all its products in the market today. With FERN, Inc. owning and managing i-fern and partnered with DSM, you get high quality world-class products that will be accepted readily by consumers.

TIMING Most people are looking to have financial security, have more free time, get to retire early, improve their health, start a home business and develop a second income. This is the economic trend that is happening today and i-fern is a good business to start with.

The Wellness Industry is going to be a US $Trillion business because of many sicknesses and illnesses caused by lifestyles and environment.

Home-based business is the fastest , easiest and most affordable way to create wealth. Over 16,000 new people a day choose to work from home because of low start up costs, huge income potential, no employees to manage, no inventory, no overhead and low operating costs.

There are 1.8 billion internet users worldwide. Every second, a person goes online. It’s the most effective and powerful tool to reach your market. You expand your business through the power of the Internet.

In a traditional business, to earn millions, you need to have a big capital to start with. You also deal with high operating expenses. If you start with just a small capital, you also earn a minimal income. i-fern allows you to start with a small capital that can earn you millions.

Put your money in a savings but you only get a minimal interest annualy similar with investments. Having an MLM business like i-fern can generate high return of investments for you.

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