Fern Activ

FERN-ACTIV is packed with B-Vitamins needed for the energy surge ideal for peak performance. It also contains non-acidic vitamin C for improved immunity, Zinc for added energy, vitamin D for stronger muscles and Calcium for healthy bones!

B-VITAMINS are essential for your body to function properly and they may be the crucial link between your bodys requirements and peak performance.
These vitamins convert proteins and carbohydrates into energy. They are also used for cell repair and production. Deficiency in B- Vitamins may lead to poor recovery and may be detrimental to your active lifestyle.

Sources of B- Vitamins include green, leafy vegetables, nuts and dairy products. But because of budget constraints, or a hectic lifestyle most of us suffer from poor or restricted diets.

Fern Activ
• Energy Surge for peak performance
• Increase energy level
• Enhances Mental Alertness
• Boost immunity
Fern Activ Contains Vitamins and Mineral
B Complex
• B1
• B2
• B6
• B12
• VITAMINS C (Sodium Acorbate)
Fern Activ is Best for Athletics Person, Worked at Night,
540php / 60capsule